Creating sustainable impact by motivating local, micro-entrepreneurship.

The products of GET JOTO are made by 23 women living in Kenya. They are part of the Masai tribe. The area around Kibiko, their hometown, is dry. This makes life challenging from time to time. Therefore, in addition to keeping livestock, other financial resources are sought. For the Masai, making and wearing colourful beadwork has been a form of art for many centuries. With a fair wage and by investing the profit of each product sold in local projects, JOTO strives for sustainable impact and independency. The needs and wishes of the local team are our guidance. 

A complete independent operation of JOTO Kenya, including (financial) independency. That is our ambition. Check out our products, GET JOTO!


JO∙TO /ˈdʒəʊtəʊ/

1. Warmth 

2. Heat

3. Fire

In Swahili, a language spoken by more than 50 million people in East Africa, JOTO means 'warmth'. Warmth resembles the way we think and work together. We are a group of 26 women, 23 Masai and 3 Dutch, and we make products that empower. Warmth is the core of our values: authenticity, openness and connection.


The ancient culture of the Masai is expressed in each crafted product. We produce according to what is fitting within the local context. Each product is original.


We are open and transparent about what we do, our collaboration and our expenditures.


Connection is expressed in the way way we work together. Our products enable us to connect the culture of the Masai to different cultures within (or outside of) Europe.



Finishing a work environment

Our current project is finishing a safe working environment in Kibiko. At the moment we are contacting suppliers for windows, doors and a floor. When this is finished, we can use the building as our workspace. We expect this to be in the winter of 2018.