Because of COVID-19, the women of JOTO are currently experiencing major financial problems. Markets and schools are closed, with the result that there is no more income. Unfortunately, our women cannot fall back on a social safety net. As this pandemic has proven, nutrition and sanitation are particularly important. To fight the virus, we must protect their vulnerability.

In a previous crowdfunding campaign we were able to financially support the 23 Masai women and their families during this crisis. The women were able to buy food and sanitation to survive. Unfortunately, the situation around COVID-19 is taking longer than hoped and the markets are still closed.

For 450 euros per week we can provide the 23 women of JOTO, including their households, with food and sanitary supplies. In this way we would like to enlist your help to financially support the 23 women in these difficult times. Any amount, small or large, helps!

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